Working Together

I am a counselor and midwife for those taking the Hero’s Journey of psycho-spiritual discovery and personal transformation. This is a natural part of our soul’s evolutionary journey and occurs on the mystical, physical and energetic levels, so I offer  a multi-dimension and multi-sensory approach.

Major life transitions call us to transformation. We must allow something new to develop in our mental habits, esteem system, psychological self understanding, and patterns of viewing and responding to life. This requires the release of old ways of being which no longer reflect who we are. It is the challenging work of being patient with an unfolding process that we have little control over and which will carry us into unknown territory whether we welcome it or not. Along the way we develop self-care habits and nurture Sacred connections which give us strength and focus to carry us through. It culminates as our soul emerging with new freedom to express our unique gifts in the world.

Our turning point may come as a dropping of the ground from under our feet, or as the intriguing idea that there is something more we want to discover in life. We may just need someone to listen as us unfold our story of a long Hero’s Journey, so that we can see more clearly the treasure that we have found to bring back into the world.

I draw on psychological and energetic understandings of who we are and how we express the Sacred in this world. We might use sound/vibration; artistic work with symbols and colors; physical movement that helps move energy; connections with nature; imagination and metaphor as creative tools, and meditation and prayer to connect with the Sacred.

My individual work is mainly via Zoom or FaceTime. Sessions can be one time, occasional or on a regular basis, according to your intention for this work. These are challenging pathways and require a commitment to keep moving forward in the unknown and difficult times.

My fee is $100 per session. I accept credit cards, PayPal and personal check.

I occasionally offer classes and workshops for small groups to explore this multi-dimensional and multi-sensory approach to life transitions.

If what you have read resonates with you, I would love to schedule an initial conversation,  please contact me.