Life Transitions as Evolution of the Soul

We each live our lives as unique expressions of one sacred life. We are physical and energetic; spiritual and practical; individual and interdependent with all of nature. Familiar linear structures are inadequate to express who we are within the unity of Humanity and within the Web of Life.

As human beings, we incarnate our eternal soul into this specific physical form that exists within the nature of planet Earth. This is not an easy process. Integrating our energetic nature, our soul, our environment, our body and our psyche so that we can express our unique gifts requires a lifetime of intentional work.

At major transition points in our lifetime we release old thought patterns, old identities, and old ways of perceiving reality in order to move into the next stage of this incarnation process. These passages, when old patterns cease working in our lives, push us forward to discover the riches buried under current perceptions of our place in the world. They invite us to discover how our inner life force is nourished by the rich energy field all around us. We discover more and more that we are not alone. We are part of the constant dance of cosmic energy and light taking this form for a short time.

At this point in my life I serve as a counselor and midwife for the unfolding of the soul’s potential. I am familiar with the territory and honor the deeply personal and individual nature of this task. I use frameworks that aid in understanding this natural evolutionary process. I have a perspective which helps integrate physical/elemental connections with the Earth, our spiritual unity with All That Is, and our energetic nature.

If what you have just read resonates with you, and you would like my companionship for a while along your journey, please contact me. I would be honored to be your counselor and companion.